Marching Band  

     The band, composed of musicians playing either a brass instrument or woodwind instrument, plays a significant role in the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance by providing impact, emotion, and variety in the form of music. The brass instruments (Trumpets, Mellophones, Trombones, Marching Baritones, and Marching Tubas) and woodwind instruments (Flutes, Clarinets, and Saxophones) make up the band for first semester. A lot of hard work is needed from marching musicians due to the fact that marching and playing require more energy than just playing. Every year, the band including the Drumline learn sets to a field show during Band Camp in August. This field show is performed at both football games (during half-time) and field tournaments.

    Once field season is over, the band then makes a transition to traditional concert band instruments. This change is made in time for the Winter Concert in early December and lasts for the duration of second semester. During second semester, the band focuses on future performances which include rallies, District Festival, and Spring Concert. The Jazz Band also participates in Jazz Festivals which takes place at several high schools as well as college campuses.

Here are the scores from the 2012 year competitions that the RWMA participated in:

Baldwin Park Field Show Tournament - October 20, 2012


Band - 1st Place (72.45)

Auxiliary - 1st Place (76.0)

Percussion - 2nd Place (71.0)


Irvine Invitational - November 3, 2012


Band - 3rd Place (74.83)

Auxiliary - 1st Place (77.5)

Percussion - 2nd Place (76.0)


Los Altos Field Show Tournament - November 10, 2012


Band - 1st Place (75.95)

Auxiliary - 1st Place (81.50)

Percussion - 2nd Place (78.0)


Ramona Field Show Tournament - November 17, 2012


Band - 3rd Place (76.81)

Percussion - 3rd Place (74.0)

Auxiliary - 2nd Place (83.0)


SCSBOA Championships - December 1, 2012


Band - 10th Place (73.91)

Percussion - 8th Place (77.0)

Auxiliary - 9th Place (81.0)