Jazz Band  

      Glen A. Wilson's Stage band, more commonly known as the jazz band, is one of the smaller groups that is part of the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance. The jazz band is made up of two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, one baritone saxophone, four trumpets, four trombones, one piano, one bass, and drums. Different from concert band, the jazz band players must master a different style of music and learn to improvisation. Throughout the marching season, the jazz band is dormant and only participates in the marching band.

      After marching season, the jazz band makes their first appearance at the basketball games. Like the marching band, the jazz band plays for the entertainment of the basketball spectators at half-time and throughout the game. The jazz band also plays for the rallies of the school. In addition to entertainment, the jazz prepares and participates in Jazz Festivals, which takes place at several high schools as well as college campuses. Finally, the Jazz band plays at the annual Jazz Concert in which their works of the year are exclusively shown.