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Winter Concert Wrap-up

Dear RWMA Family & Friends,

The RWMA had their 51st annual Winter Concert tonight and it was definitely a great way to end the first half of the year.  

In keeping with tradition, the Wilson Dance Team started the night with their performance "March of the Toy Soldiers", followed by the Color Guard's performances of "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" and the Catstyles Theatre performance of "Christmas Photo - From The Office".  

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The Jazz Band followed them up with several musical arrangements including "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "All I want for Christmas is You", while the Concert Band finished it off with several songs, including an amazing performance of "Sleigh Ride" and a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Medley.

Thank You for all those who were able to come out and support the RWMA. A special thanks to the Wilson Dance Team and the Catstyles Theatre for performing tonight as well!

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Good luck to the RWMA students during finals next week, Happy Holidays and get ready for the second half of the year! Concert Band, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Winter Guard season is coming!


-The WIM Club

Xavier Zamora
Scrip Orders!

Dear RWMA Family & Friends,

The holidays are upon us and we hope you enjoy some family time!  The holidays are a perfect time to give gifts showing how much you appreciate the people around you!  And what better way to show your appreciation than with Gift Cards!

People LOVE gift cards so they can treat themselves and think of you when doing so!

The Scrip order will be placed on December 5th.  Please print a few copies of this form and share it with friends & family & coworkers.  This is a GREAT way to help other people buy gifts and you earn $$$ toward your student's account!! 

This is due to Mr Gilbert no later than Tuesday December 5th, so please start sharing this with your friends and co-workers!

 make checks payable to:  WIM Club

Your Wim Club Board

Xavier Zamora

RWMA Family,

May your Thanksgiving Holiday day be filled with warmth and laughter.

The WIM Club


Xavier Zamora
After the Southwest Regionals

Dear RWMA Family,

! ! WOW ! !

What an amazing few months we have had!   From a new Director, to last minute coach & music changes, and uniforms that arrived the week of GSFC - the RWMA had an AMAZING & MEMORABLE MARCHING SEASON!  While we may not have come in first, all the students worked hard and did their best and to my untrained band-dad eyes & ears, they looked and sounded First Place all season long!   

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am personally very thankful to have worked with such an amazing group of parents, supporting the students at every event in the last few months.  We have WONDERFUL support at the games and competitions and Wim Club is nothing without all the parents and family members supporting their RWMA students!

Thank-YOU ! !   to everyone that helped our students this season.  From feeding them, to helping with their uniforms, to moving their equipment and instruments, to ensuring they had water and anything they needed - YOU were all instrumental to making this a wonderful season!

One more HUGE THANK-YOU to Mr Gilbert for taking on a position with tons of responsibility at the last minute and dealing with many challenges and hundreds of learning opportunities.  I think we had a great season due to his dedication and the students grew and learned and had fun!  Thank-you Mr G!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Wim Club families and all RWMA members!  We have a LOT to be thankful for!!   Enjoy time with your families and catch up on your sleep!

There are lots of fun activities coming up, so don't forget about the RWMA!   Our students work hard all year long!


Very Sincerely,

Mark Carlson
Your Wim Club Prez

Xavier Zamora
This Saturday - Ramona H.S. Regional Competition

Dear RWMA Family,

Saturday November 11 is the Ramona High School Regional Field Competition in Riverside. It is our final scheduled field tournament of 2017. 

After the competition last Saturday we are in 13th place in Division 4A.  

Only the top 13 schools go to Championships.  

Everything is riding on how well the RWMA does this Saturday and they are feeling the pressure.  It's our job, as supportive parents and family members to HELP THEM!  We need YOU to help this Saturday so the performers can FOCUS on their performance and not on little things that we can help with.  

We need YOU this Saturday to help feed our performers, help get their equipment ready, help them get to Riverside, and be there to support them during their performance!

We are still in need of Volunteers for:

  • Equipment Support @ Wilson
  • Equipment Support @ Ramona High School
  • RWMA Support @ Ramona High School


Thank You again for all of your help and dedication to making this year a great year for our performers!

See you @ Ramona High School,

Your WIM Club Board

Xavier Zamora