And into the Tournament Season we go!


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Congrats to the RWMA starting off the season with the Percussion finishing in 3rd place and the Color Guard finishing in 2nd place in the respective categories at the Rowland Field Show Tournament this past weekend. 

We want to send a VERY heartfelt THANK-YOU to all the parents (and Alumni 😃) who donated time and items to help this last Saturday be an amazing day.  We had a lot of parents donate items and time to help us all day long and it made the day great! 

We were able to feed the students a good meal at Wilson, and another healthy meal at Rowland.  Many instruments were repaired early in the morning and our cart and Honda generator are working really well after some TLC from excellent dads! Everyone that came was wonderful and supportive and worked HARD!  It was hot during the day but everyone kept working to make sure all the students and all the equipment were ready for the performance.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

The WimClub Board very much wants to say THANK-YOU to everyone.  We appreciate you and your hard work that helps all our students succeed!!

Now it's on to next weekend, where the RWMA will be performing at the Baldwin Park High School Field Tournament! 


Xavier Zamora