A GSFC Recap.


Dear RWMA Family,

WOW!   What an amazing event we had this year!  There is no way we could have had such a successful day with all of YOU.   

There were lots of guests, and tons of food, and a billion things to do, but none it would have happened without each any every one of our volunteers working so hard.

You are GREATLY appreciated!!  On behalf of our Director, Mr. Gilbert, our Chairman, Mr. Nava, and our Co-Chairman, Mr. Chernin - Thank you so very VERY much ! ! ! !

We will have full details of income and expenses next Monday at our WIM Club meeting where we will discuss and wrap up the 2017 GSFC.  Please plan to attend and discuss the day.  We'll start Monday evening with a Board meeting at 6:30pm.

If you have any comments about the GSFC, including things that went well, areas for improvement, or people you would like to recognize please reply to this email and we will share your thoughts during the Monday meeting.



Your WIM Club Board


Here are some photos of the event.




Click Here for Photos



Click Here for More Photos

Xavier Zamora