This past Saturday's Championship results!


Dear RWMA Family and Friends,

The RWMA competed in the final show of the season, the 3A championship field show this past Saturday.

Out of a 23 3A schools, the RWMA placed 6th out of the top 12 schools going into the tournament. By the end of the Championships the RWMA won:

  • 4nd Place for Percussion

  • 4nd Place for Auxiliary/Color Guard

  • 6th Place for overall 3A Band

Congratulations to the RWMA on an amazing season and good luck on all that you’re working on for winter and next semester!

Click Here for More Photos

Click Here for More Photos

Again, this could not have happened without the amazing support of the parents, friends and family. Thank you to those who helped load, unload, make sandwiches, mounted plumes, squeezed water bottles and all the other heavy lifting necessary to help a group of over a hundred kids focus on succeeding on the field!


Your WIM Club Board

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