Results from Tuesday's Field Show @ West Covina & Preperation for the Ramona HS Tournament!


Dear RWMA Family and Friends,

The RWMA performed in their 4th competition of the 2018 season at West Covina High School this past Tuesday.

Our kids have been working very hard; their efforts paid off on Tuesday's competition when they earned:

  • 1st Place overall Percussion

  • 1st Place Auxiliary/Color Guard

  • 1st Place 3A Band

Congratulations to RWMA for all their hard work!

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Again, this could not have happened without the amazing support of the parents, friends and family. Thank you to those who helped load, unload, make sandwiches, mounted plumes, squeezed water bottles and all the other heavy lifting necessary to help a group of over a hundred kids focus on succeeding on the field!

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The last field tournament of the season before championships is this Saturday 11/10 at Ramona High School. It will be an early start, and we will be preparing a hearty breakfast for the kids to get them fueled up for the day. 

  • Call time for parents will be at 8:00 am to help prepare and load up the truck.

  • Please bring tortilla donations to band room by Thursday Evening practice; we will be making breakfast burritos at home and bringing for kids Saturday morning.

  • Our kids will also need our help to move their equipment to and from the competition at Ramona.

As always, we are encouraging All Freshman & Sophomore parents to join us!

If you have not volunteered your time already this season, please consider helping. You may sign up for help and/or donations of food items at:

By signing up now it allows us to plan for the event and it provides volunteer points towards your student's section.  So please take a moment and volunteer now. 

If everyone helps a little, it makes a HUGE difference for the whole RWMA!!!

Thank you for all you do for our kids.


Your WIM Club Board

Here is a link to the Los Altos Field Show Photos…

Want more information on volunteering?  Check out

Xavier Zamora