RWMA's Second Tournament @ Rowland. This Saturday!


RWMA Friends and Family,

The RWMA be performing in their second competition of the season, tomorrow @ Rowland High School! 

Of course, we still need a few volunteers and a few donations to help tomorrow.  Please the button below to sign up!

The Rowland Field Show is the closest competition to Hacienda Heights. If you haven’t been to a tournament before, it’s definitely worth check out! The bands, the food and snacks, the fact that it will give you an idea how Golden State Field Classic will operate. I encourage everybody to come check out the RWMA’s performance!

  • RWMA Performance Time - 5:15pm (Division 4A)

  • Awards - 9:15pm

Click the link below to download the day’s info sheet.

See you tomorrow night!



Your WIM Club Board


Want more information on volunteering?  Check out

Xavier Zamora