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Dear RWMA Family,

An entire years worth of experiences, accomplishments, and hard work has lead up to this past Saturday’s RWMA Awards Banquet.

Recognizing everything that is the RWMA, from the marching season, to the winter ensembles. Individual and group accomplishments. From the freshmen to the outgoing seniors. The announcement of the new alliance council, new section leaders, and the new drum major and assistant drum major. It was definitely an amazing night.

Thank you to all the parents that helped make the night as special as it was. Like during the season, this could not have been possible without people like you. Also thank you to the alliance council and those students who not only helped with the planning and setup, but also those who helped cleanup when we need to get out quickly.

A special hank you to Dr. Kenfield and Mr. Kwok for all you do to support the RWMA.

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Thank You,

Your WIM Club Board

Xavier Zamora