— Percussion —





     The Drumline consists of percussion instruments which can be categorized into Battery or Pit. Battery percussionists march on the field alongside with both the Band and Color Guard while Pit percussionists stay in front of the field. Like Color Guard, Drumline members learn a show different from the one in first semester and compete at Drumline tournaments throughout second semester. Battery instruments consist Cymbals, Snare, Tenor, and Bass Drums. Pit instruments consist of marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, and several other percussion instruments. Together, both Battery and Pit provide The Royal Wilson Marching Alliance an invaluable element for performances.

     The Percussion Ensemble is a group consisting of non-marching percussion instruments, including the percussion instruments used by the Front Ensemble during Marching season, that performs and competes independently against other Percussion Ensembles and Indoor Drumlines in the region. This group is organized during the second semester of the school year along with the other groups of the RWMA. This year the Percussion Ensemble is performing their show entitled "Master and Student," composed by Pete Sapadin and Erasmo Rodriguez. For the past few years, the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance has also had a Mallet Ensemble, a group consisting of only mallet percussion. However there is no longer a Mallet Ensemble for this year.