The WIM Club

The WIM Club

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Rich Torres

Nick Chernin

VP, Ways & Means
Anne Arriaga

VP, Color Guard 
Mary Plascencia

Colleen Tashima

Pearl Ortiz

Communications Officer
Xavier Zamora

Members at Large
Dora Maldonado
Joe Gutierrez

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About the WIM Club

The “Wilson Instrumental Music Club, Inc.”, also known as the “WIM CLUB” is the parent booster group that supports the RWMA through fundraising and volunteering.

The WIM Club is incorporated under the laws of the State of California as a not-for-profit organization and has as its stated purpose:

“... to promote and support the music and educational programs and activities of the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance by (1) encouraging teamwork and cooperation among students, the WIM Club and the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance staff in all activities; (2) communicating the exceptional quality of the Program to the community at large.” (WIM Club By-laws, Page 1.)

Parents are indispensable in assisting with the fundraising activities and are needed to distribute uniforms, chaperone students, load instruments and equipment on the trucks, and deploy this equipment at competitions and other performances.


Membership is not limited and includes generally anyone interested in the promotion, encouragement, and development of the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance. For most people, you are automatically a member because your student is part of the band or color guard. There are no membership dues or fees associated with the WIM Club.

A Board of Directors, consisting of parent volunteers, manages the business activities of the WIM Club. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers and non-voting chairpersons of various activities. The Board of Directors is elected by the general membership at the Annual Meeting of the WIM Club held in April of each year.

WIM Club Meetings

General meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month. All meetings are open to everyone. Meetings are held in the Band Room at 7:00 PM. Board meetings are generally held the same day, just 30 minutes prior to the general meeting.


The fiscal year of the WIM Club runs from July 1st through June 30th. The Board of Directors operates with an annual budget approved by the General Membership and funded in a small part by the school district, Wilson High School’s Associated Student Body, and fundraising activities by the parents and students of the band and color guard.

Board Positions

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